Knoxville Balloon Rides

Explore the Tennessee Sky...
Knoxville Balloon Rides!

Come experience what wondrous sights are possible from the unique perspective of a Knoxville Balloon Ride! You’ll enjoy a flight through a cloud-covered wonderland while in the comfort of your own aerial observatory! A Knoxville Balloon Ride from upwards of 1,500 feet will make the perfect setting for any special occasion.

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Knoxville Balloon Rides
Ride a Hot Air Balloon high above Knoxville, Tennessee!

Welcome to Knoxville Balloon Rides! We are a member of the American Ballooning Network who caters to customers all over the country, offering more balloon options and flight locations than any other network in Tennessee. Knoxville Balloon Rides offers professional customer service from Knoxville Hot Air Balloon Experts who are available seven days a week to assist you. Call us today and our Knoxville hot air balloon ride experts will gladly make your booking process a simple, fast and easy one.

Call Knoxville Balloon Rides at 865-240-0271 to Book Your Flight Today!

A simple yet tranquil Knoxville Balloon Ride
There's no better option for a Knoxville Balloon Ride!

Knoxville Balloon Rides

Trust us for your Shared Knoxville Balloon Ride!

Knoxville Balloon Rides offers a full spectrum of different Hot Air Balloon Ride Packages. Going on a shared balloon is the simplest way to experience a Knoxville Balloon Ride. Most hot air balloon baskets can hold anywhere from 2-8 passengers during a single ride. A shared Knoxville Balloon Ride is just as it sounds; you will be sharing the basket with as many people as it takes to reach capacity. You can bring along enough people to fill the basket and enjoy a Knoxville Balloon Ride with all of your friends! Be sure to ask about the basket’s capacity to ensure that your party comfortably meets the space/weight limitations.

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Make your Knoxville Balloon Ride a private one!
Knoxville Balloon Rides with a hint of romance!

Knoxville Balloon Rides

In case a shared basket is not romantic enough...

Is your sense of romanticism a bit on the adventurous side? If so, embark on a Knoxville Balloon Ride with that special someone and enjoy an intimate setting with a spectacular view. Love knows no bounds and nothing says that better than giving a unique journey through the sky with a Knoxville Balloon Ride!

Rather than sharing the basket with others, the pilot will reserve the whole basket for yourself and that special someone. It’s hard to compare any Knoxville Balloon Ride to another, but an exclusive basket makes your balloon ride that much better. Spend up to 1 hour floating over Knoxville in a private hot air balloon made for two.

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Call Our Ballooning Experts at 865-240-0271 and take a Knoxville Balloon Ride, Today!

Knoxville Balloon Rides is a network of professional affiliates who are part of the American Ballooning Network.
Regulations may prohibit hot air balloon rides in the city proper. Local balloon ride affiliates are conveniently located near Knoxville, Tennessee.
"Knoxville Balloon Rides" is a popular search term for hot air balloon rides in the greater Knoxville area and is not intended as a guarantee of location.
Knoxville Balloon Rides serves 37901 and 32 other Knoxville, Tennessee zipcodes:
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